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Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant from "16 and Pregnant" is one of the teenagers featured in Season 2 of the MTV reality docu-series. Her husband is Cody Tarrant. They are the parents of newborn Brody Tarrant. Desperate to finish high school, the newlyweds sacrifice car racing for parenthood.

Tomboy Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant spends all her free time tuning up cars and driving on racetracks, but with a baby on the way, she must quickly switch gears. After a shotgun wedding, Brooke and Cody try to balance
Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant of "16 and Pregnant"
Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant 16 and Pregnant
life as high school students while trying to move into their own place.

Brooke is a high school junior from Mansfield, Texas, and lives with her parents, younger brother, and a herd of goats. She isn't your average sixteen-year old because she and her family spend lots of time at the racetrack. It was there that she met her boyfriend of two years, Cody. Recently, Cody proposed to Brooke and moved in with her family. It's crowded and soon there will be another mouth to feed because Brooke is pregnant.

Letting Cody live with the family helps them save money to get their own place when the baby comes, although they have to clean up in lieu of paying rent. While getting ready for the big day, Brooke's friends get to finally see her and ask out how she got pregnant. Even though her parents are paying for the entire wedding, Brooke and Cody will need to be on their own when the baby arrives.

Since Cody and Brooke can't afford a real honeymoon, they plan on spending it at their second home, the racetrack. Cody hopes he can win the big race because they could really use the prize money. Unfortunately, Cody blows out a tire and gets disqualified. Luckily, Larry, Brooke's dad, is driving her car and ends up winning the race.

Brooke has always done well in school but because of the baby, she has to take off when the baby comes and is worried she will fall behind. Cody, on the other hand, tends to be a slacker when it comes to schoolwork. Cody needs to graduate early to take care of the baby when Brooke is back at school. But so far, it isn't looking great—because he's missing tons of assignments.

After a camping trip, Brooke and Cody look into the option of buying a pre-fabricated barn. They learn it will cost roughly $400 a month, which is way more than they can afford. To make matters worse, Cody fails his graduation test three times. Brooke urges him to spend as much time studying as possible, but he's resistant. She brings home a pregnancy suit for him to wear, so he can understand what it's like to be pregnant. She and her mom laugh, but eventually decide that Cody needs to spend more time studying. Shortly after, Cody finally passes the test—and then Brooke's water breaks in school.

Baby Brody Tarrant is born and he's a healthy baby boy. A few days later, they all return home. With the baby around, it's hard for Brooke and Cody to keep up on their chores and Misty, Brooke's mom, isn't happy about it. Before they know it, it's time for Brooke to go back to school and she's nervous about leaving Cody alone with Brody. Brooke and Cody have a tight schedule with little Brody and never really have time to be a couple. While out to dinner as a family, they realize that the simplest things have become that much harder with a baby, because they have absolutely no time to be regular teenagers. Her mom is upset that they haven't been keeping up with their chores, even though the whole family has banded together to to try to help them out. Brooke realizes that motherhood is way more than they can handle, although she is grateful that she has a husband like Cody. However, she wishes more than anything that she didn't have to grow up so fast.

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Full Name / Real Name: Brooke Smitherman
Hometown: Mansfield, TX

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