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CT Tamburello from "The Challenge: Rivals II," whose real name is Chris Tamburello, is one of the contestants on Season 24 of the MTV reality competition series in summer 2013. He is teamed up with his rival, Wes Bergmann. They have hated each other for years, primarily because Wes always sees CT as a threat. These two power players make it their mission to get each other out of the game. Wes also accused CT of dating Diem Brown just for the show.

CT previously competed in "The Challenge: Battle
CT Tamburello shirtless in "The Challenge: Rivals"
CT Tamburello shirtless The Challenge: Rivals
of the Exes," with his ex Diem Brown, and "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals," in which he was paired with his rival, Adam King. CT was originally on "The Real World: Paris."

Rivals II

Wes and CT have one of the most infamous rivalries in "Challenge" history. Their tumultuous past dates all the way back to "The Duel," and most recently flared up on "Rivals" when Wes tried to take CT out of the game. "I'm paired with someone who's threatened my family's life, who I've gotten in screaming matches with in four or five different countries, that I legitimately am scared of," Wes explains. However, these two savvy players understand they'll need to keep the peace in order to bring home a win. CT promises, "We may not be the best of friends now, and we may not be the best of friends in the end, but we both want to win. We're gonna give everyone a run for their money." Ever the bad-boy Romeo, CT ends up romancing his ex, Diem, but also cozies up to several other girls in the house for political purposes. Wes may finally have a pit bull for a partner, but can he keep him on his leash? Or will CT's impulsive personality send this power team packing?

Battle of the Exes

CT struck up a romance with Diem on "The Duel" and the relationship blossomed as Diem, a survivor of ovarian cancer, found solace with CT during her difficult recovery process. However, when Diem decided to focus all her energy on her career the two parted ways. Things took a darker turn, when the two exes returned for "The Duel II" and Adam King told Diem that CT had been hooking up with Shauvon Torres and they haven't spoken or seen each other since. News of their partnership has reopened old wounds for Diem who maintains, "I don't know what our dynamic is at this point other than the fact that I'm still angry. Like, I'm pissed." CT remains undeterred by Diem's rage, claiming, "There's no way she can be mad at me cause I won't let her be mad at me." Will bad boy, CT charm his way back into Diem's heart or will their turbulent past prove to be too much to overcome?


Perhaps the most feared man in "Challenge" history, sexy bad-boy CT Tamburello enters "Rivals" with a new attitude, revealing, "I've been staying out of trouble, surrounding myself with good people, trying to do the right thing and not be a knucklehead." While CT insists that his dark days are behind him, not everyone is buying his "Mr. Nice Guy" attitude makeover. This "Challenge" goliath's mere presence alone will put a target on his back. The men want CT out of the game. And as far as the women ... look for this lady's man to get tangled up in a very messy—and unexpected—love triangle. 

The Duel 2

A "Challenge" veteran, CT is no stranger to fans of the series, who know him for being someone who will do anything to win—including lie, cheat and steal. He's a hard-partier who has been kicked out of past competitions for drinking too much and fighting (remember the black eye he gave Davis before "The Inferno 3" even got underway?). Since being on the losing side of the last "Gauntlet" finale, he's been traveling around the United States. But after finding out he was going to New Zealand for another shot at winning a "Challenge," he says he's "been pumping a lot of iron in preparation. I've got more motivation than ever before."

Original Series: "The Real World: Paris"

Past RW/RR Challenges: "The Inferno," "The Inferno II," "The Gauntlet III," "The Duel 2," "Battle of the Exees"

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How old is CT Tamburello? Who is CT Tamburello dating? Find out here.

Age: 35 years old
Birthday: July 16, 1980
Nickname: CT
Full Name / Real Name: Christopher Michael Tamburello
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY

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