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Johnny Bananas from "The Challenge: Rivals II," whose real name is Johnny Devenanzio, is one of the contestants on Season 24 of the MTV reality competition series in summer 2013. He is teamed up with his rival, Frank Sweeney. Four-time Challenge Champion Johnny got into a huge Twitter fight with Frank, claiming that rookie Frank's win didn't count since he didn't have to compete against Johnny.

Johnny previously competed in "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Exes," in which he was
Johnny Bananas in "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines"
Johnny Bananas The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines
paired with his ex Camila Nakagawa. Johnny was originally on "The Real World: Key West."

Rivals II

The stage is set for a clash of the egos as two of the most notorious personalities in "Challenge" history are thrust together. Although they had never met in person prior to their arrival in Thailand, Johnny and Frank's rivalry grew out of a heated exchange on Twitter. Irked by the "Rookie Revolution" that propelled Frank's team to victory on "Battle of the Seasons," veteran Johnny downplayed Frank's win, claiming he "didn't scout Junior Varsity" when a fan asked his opinion of the game's new generation. Never one to let an insult slide by, Frank fired back at 30-year-old Bananas, snarking, "Maybe you should focus on a real job, old man!" While these two may need to earn each other's respect, four-time champion Johnny already recognizes their innate similarities, admitting, "One of the things that scares me the most about Frank is he reminds me a lot of myself." Johnny and Frank have the chops to emerge as a powerhouse pair, but will their massive egos prove to be their downfall?

Battle of the Exes

Camila became attracted to Johnny on "Cutthroat," but Johnny kept things friendly as he had a girlfriend at home. However, the rumor mill was abuzz that the twosome may have been more than friends. Camila describes their complicated relationship, "People like to talk about what they don't know, but me and Johnny, we're close. So I don't blame them!" Now a newly single man, Johnny definitely doesn't rule out exploring things more with Camila stating, "Circumstances have changed in my life and I basically have free rein to do things I wasn't able to do before!" Watch these two to see if their warming relationship will heat up, and how it may affect their game.


Johnny Bananas was last seen suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of CT Tamburello on "Cutthroat." Reflecting on the astonishing elimination, Johnny notes, "I had the carpet pulled out from under me. But if you feed a banana to a gorilla, you shouldn't be that surprised by the results." Back to take another stab at the win, Johnny hopes to make the best of his rival partner, Tyler Duckworth. We'll see if this loud mouth, two-time "Challenge" winner can capture a third victory.


Love him or hate him, "Challenge" smartass Johnny Bananas returns to the game, ready to talk some trash and make some cash. Having won both "The Island" and "The Ruins," Johnny is confident that "Cutthroat" will boost his bank account even further. However, without the aid of his usual cohorts, Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman, Johnny will have to put some muscle behind his loud mouth, proclaiming, "I always had a safety net. This is my time to show that Johnny Bananas is one to be trifled with." With this ruthless competitor originally from "Real World: Key West" in the house, expect to see Johnny take part in his favorite pastimes: lying, scheming, and conniving.

The Ruins

Once the sweetheart from "The Real World: Key West," Johnny has transformed himself into the outspoken, controversial, "Johnny Bananas." This self-proclaimed "godfather" of "The Island" has the chops to compete and the mind to manipulate, but he has one big problem that could ruin his game: himself. Johnny's often candid remarks constantly landed him in hot water, especially with fellow competitors Evelyn Smith and KellyAnne Judd. But since leaving "The Island," Johnny insists that he has done some self-reflection and learned from his mistakes. Will Johnny be able to turn over a new leaf in "The Ruins"? Or will his old habits die hard in his quest to take home the prize?

Original Series: "The Real World: Key West"

Previous RW/RR Challenges: "Rivals," "The Duel," "Inferno 3," "Gauntlet 3," "The Island," "The Ruins," "Cutthroat," "Rivals II," "Battle of the Exes"

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How old is Johnny Bananas? Find out here.

Age: 33 years old
Birthday: June 22, 1982
Full Name / Real Name: Johnny Devenanzio
Hometown: Fullerton, CA

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