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Laurel Stucky from "The Challenge: Free Agents" is one of the contestants in Season 25 of the MTV reality competition series. She previously competed in Season 21, "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals," in which she was paired with her rival, Cara Maria Sorbello. Laurel was originally on "Fresh Meat 2."

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals

Don't let the pretty face on this former model fool you — Laurel Stucky ("Rivals") has the size, strength and athleticism to give anyone a run for
Laurel Stucky in "The Challenge: Rivals"
Laurel Stucky The Challenge: Rivals
their Challenge money. Debuting on "Fresh Meat II," this Wisconsin native paired with her mentor Kenny Santucci to dominate the competition, only to lose in the final. Then, on "Cutthroat," Laurel took no prisoners and spared no feelings as she bulldozed her way through the competition. But her indelicate approach only landed her with another frustrating second place finish. On "Rivals," Laurel will have another opportunity to clench victory. But when this tell-it-like-it-is vixen is paired with an overly sensitive partner, tensions will certainly arise ...

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat

Ask Laurel Stucky why she's doing another "Challenge" and she'll cut right to the chase, "I'll tell you why I'm doing this 'Challenge' — because there's a good possibility that I could win." With confidence like that, it's no wonder that this "Fresh Meat 2" alum is already one of the most feared women in the game. After a strong second place finish on "Fresh Meat 2," Laurel wants nothing less than a first place finish. With her eyes on the prize, this tall beauty has little patience for those who show any sign of weakness or fear. Look for Laurel to be a monster, both on the playing field and off ...  

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 

Laurel Stucky is one of the new challengers. She is paired up with series alumnus Kenny Santucci. She is a tall, strong, Division One athlete with a fierce competitive streak. This confident Detroit native isn't worried about her opponents, claiming that her sheer size alone will help her destroy the competition. What worries her, is getting along with her housemates, because she admits, "When I compete, I'm a *****." We'll see if this powerhouse can bond with the people she plans to crush ... or if her fiery attitude and athletic gifts will make the cat claws come out.

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Age: ∼28 years old
Hometown: Detroit, MI

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lizouttavegas says:
shame on Laurel! such a cue girl, and such a beeatch, already!!! sloppy drunk, ugly inside overrides pretty outside!

Who is Laurel Stucky dating? What do you think of Laurel Stucky?

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