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"MythBusters" Season 12 on Discovery Channel uses science to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends.

With three consecutive Emmy nomination, "MythBusters" is back for more explosive science-y goodness, as hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, and Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, return. The series, which first launched on Discovery Channel in 2003, is inspiring a generation to inquire, interact and get involved with science ... by using experimentation to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions or legends.

So. You're minding your own business, filling up your gas tank, when your cell phone rings. Hmmm. Should you answer it? Because you've heard you shouldn't use cell phones near gas stations since they can produce small sparks that can ignite big fires. But wait. Could that actually be true? Sounds like a job for "MythBusters"!

Called the best science show on television, "MythBusters" has aired on Discovery Channel since October 2003. Over the past 12 years, the team has tested 960 myths, filmed over 8000 hours, created 864 explosions and used 57,800 yards of duct tape.


This year, the series is back with a fresh look and feel. With state of the art high res cameras, the explosions will be brighter, the experiments more colorful, and the duct tape practically in viewers living rooms. Each episode will also focus on two myths — devoting more time to the process, giving the viewer more insight into these incredible, jaw-dropping experiments.

"The Simpsons"

D'oh! Adam and Jamie are tackling the greatest animated TV series of all time, "The Simpsons." Along for the ride is special guest Al Jean, executive producer and show runner of "The Simpsons." Would Homer's tubby torso really absorb the impact of a wrecking ball swinging into his house? And could a cherry bomb really cause a Bellagio-like simultaneous eruption of toilet bowls?

"Indiana Jones"

Hold onto your hats as the MythBusters put the legendary Indiana Jones and his hijinks to the test. First up, Adam and Jamie tackled the famous opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Next, the duo jumps right into WHIP myths. Can you really disarm a gun-toting adversary with one crack? Does a whip really break the speed of sound? Can you really use a whip to swing your way across a deadly chasm?

"Video Games"

Adam and Jamie take Mythbusting to the next level challenging the science of the virtual world rendered in video games. Will it be GAME OVER for false physics?

"The A-Team Special"

It's a cult classic as Adam and Jamie put the A-Team under the "MythBusters" microscope. First they test out whether it's really possible to build a working cannon out of stuff in an abandoned barn. Next, can a sewer explosion really take out the bad guys without serious injuries?


The season kicks off by contriving to separate physics from fiction with a "Star Wars" themed episode featuring Sophia Bush, the star of NBC's "Chicago PD." Could Luke really have swung across a huge chasm on the end of a rope while holding Princess Leia and trying to escape Stormtroopers? Could Hans' ingenuity of stuffing Luke inside a Tauntaun have saved him from the bitterly cold and deadly elements of Hoth? And could the primitive weapons of the Ewoks realistically take down some of Darth Vader's most sophisticated weapons?

"Fire in the Hole"

The MythBusters tackle some of Hollywood's favorite explosive scenarios. Could a hero really shoot a live grenade in midair and thus render it useless? Could you really contain a TNT explosion inside an ordinary object like a file cabinet or aquarium?

"Household Disasters"

The MythBusters test household myths. Could a vacuum cleaner explode while sucking up black powder? Could sunscreen scorch your skin? Could a piano crash through your roof? And finally, could an exploding water heater extinguish a house fire?

"Commercial Myths"

The MythBusters go to vertigo-inducing heights to test out some commercial myths. Could you actually bob for an apple while jumping from a 100-foot high bungee cord? And from a viral video, could you really play a match of tennis while both players are standing on top of an airplane's wing?

"Road Rage"

The MythBusters test three car crimes straight from Hollywood: the cliff top push, the two-wheel wipeout, and finally the Corvette barrel roll from "Wanted."


"MythBusters" kicks off the year by revisiting the first myth that was ever tested 10 years ago and finding out if a rocket-propelled car can actually fly. Other highlights this season include a "Breaking Bad" crossover episode, an epic collaboration with the "Deadliest Catch" captains and an episode featuring Indycar driver Ryan Briscoe and Olympic runner Wallace Spearmon.

Spring 2013 myths include:

• Can power naps taken over a 30-hour period double your performance as opposed to staying away for 30 hours straight?

• Is a crab pot really indestructible like the "Deadliest Catch" captains claim it is?

• Which is more sanitary: drying your hands with a hand dryer or a hand towel?

• What is the best way to protect yourself during an earthquake?

• Is it actually possible that Indy racing drivers sweat so much that they can lose 10 pounds of body mass per race?

• Are women better than men at multitasking?

• Can you really use explosives to help paint a room?


Spring 2012 myths included:

• A highly controversial myth: the "battle of the sexes" to find out who's better at navigating, grilling, loading a car, reading non-verbal cues and, of course, driving.
• The guys literally reinvent the wheel to find out if you can ever get a smooth ride in a car that has square wheels.
• In the movie "Date Night," two cars have a fender bender with a difference: instead of crumpling, they become conjoined, leading to a crazy car chase sequence. But could two hooked-together cars really drive as one?
• Replicating a viral video, the MythBusters find out what really happens when the mother of all flamethrowers faces off in a duel with the mother of all fire extinguishers.
• Can a dust cloud created by a foursome of 4x4 really blind the all-seeing eye of the latest military hardware?
• Is it possible to construct a rocket powered go-cart that won't blow up its rider?
• Adam and Jamie find out if driving in stilettos can really make you a hazard behind the wheel.
• Could someone survive jumping off a building wrapped in bubble packaging?
• Can you really use a rocket-powered ejector seat to flip an upside down sports car a la James Bond?


Fall 2011 myths included:

• Is it impossible for humans (without a point of reference) to walk in a straight line?

• Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars?

• If a pigeon lands on the roof of a car, which is hanging precariously over a cliff's edge, could it provide enough force to send the car plunging over the side?

• In a standoff between a hero with a revolver and a villain with a rocket propelled grenade (as seen in the movie "Red"), could the bullet trigger the warhead? And would the villain be taken out by the blast?

"MythBusters" is produced for Discovery Channel by Beyond Productions. For Beyond Productions, Dan Tapster serves as show runner and executive producer. Joshua C. Berkley and Hugh Peterson serve as executive producers for Discovery Channel with Sara Van Acker as associate producer.


Network: Discovery Channel
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 60 mins.
Premiere Date: October 3, 2003
Seasons: 13
Production Companies:
Beyond Entertainment
Beyond Productions

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Got MythBusters spoilers? What did you think of the last show?

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