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Paula Meronek from "The Challenge: Rivals II" is one of the contestants on Season 24 of the MTV reality competition series in summer 2013. She is teamed up with her rival, Emily Schromm. Paula hooked up with Emily's ex on "Battle of the Exes," setting off a chain of events, involving Emily offensively imitating her ex and his involvement with Paula and ending with Emily taking Paula out of the game in an elimination round. Not to mention, the extremely athletic Emily would hate to be paired with
Paula Meronek in "The Challenge: Rivals" in a bikini
Paula Meronek The Challenge: Rivals in a bikini
the ball-of-nerves, emotional Paula.

Meronek previously competed in "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" with her ex Dunbar Flinn, and "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals," on which she was paired with her rival, Evelyn Smith. Paula was originally on "The Real World: Key West."

Rivals II

Heads turned and jaws dropped when one of the game's most fearless players was teamed with a total bundle of nerves. The last time these two competed together, Emily sent Paula home from "Battle of the Exes." However, a win still eludes Emily, while Paula arrives at the house as the defending Rivals champion. Emily relates, "Paula is a nut case. She is panicky and stressful. But she knows how to win a Final. She's done it before and that's something I can't say." Paired with such a huge physical threat, Paula already feels like she hit the jackpot when it comes to Rivals II, remarking, "I literally could not ask for a better partner. She is all quads and traps and muscles. She's like a lost X-Man or something." This veteran pair may have what it takes to compete in a Final, but they have to contend with a target on their backs from the moment they enter the game.

Battle of the Exes

Paula was attracted to Dunbar on their first show together, The Island, and the twosome had a fleeting hookup. Later on The Duel II, after a jealous Paula caught Dunbar kissing opposing team member Kimberly, she successfully orchestrated Kimberly's elimination, causing Dunbar to dub Paula, "the worst friend he's ever had." Ever since then, their relationship has been rocky at best, as Paula clearly states, "What did I do in life to end up being attached to this man? I cannot be with him! He's annoying and obnoxious." Dunbar, as well, seems to be worried about his newest partner, professing, "Paula needs to learn to trust and listen to me. And that's probably not going to happen because — oh yeah — she hates me!" It seems as though the only thing this pair of exes can agree upon is their mutual hatred.


Always the bridesmaid but never the bride, Paula Meronek has too often been left behind as her so-called allies claim victory. This "Real World: Key West" alum has never won a final in her seven seasons on "The Challenge." Some blame Paula's losing streak on her misplaced loyalty for her shady friends. Others blame her tendency to "go Walnuts" under pressure. One way or another, finally securing victory will mean having to work with a longstanding rival. When asked about her new partner, Paula asserts, "She is made of greed and she has stolen money from the bank of Paula." Will Paula be able to keep her animosity towards her rival in check long enough to secure a win? 


"The last time you saw me, I was screaming and crying and falling down on 'Fresh Meat 2.' Yet another loss under my belt," reveals veteran Paula Meronek. This six-time "Challenge" competitor is also a six-time loser and she is more than hungry for her first win. Paula all-too-often finds herself being backstabbed by her friends at the end of the game. However, this time around, she is confident that her friends will stick by her. Paula explains, "I trust Tori, Brad, [Real World castmate] Tyler, and Dunbar. I know that they have my back." Will Paula's tortured history repeat itself? Or will "Cutthroat" finally mark an end to her losing streak?

Fresh Meat 2

Paula Meronek is paired with fresh meat Jeff Barr. Last seen on "Duel 2," Paula returns on "Fresh Meat 2," desperate to finally win a "Challenge" after multiple crushing defeats. This veteran sums it up best when she begs, "To the gods of 'Fresh Meat' ... Please! I need this one!" Paula promises to keep a level head this time around, but the pressures of the game might ignite her famously short fuse. Will this spitfire master her emotions and cruise to victory? Or will she live up to her nickname and go "Walnuts?"

The Duel 2

Confrontational, yet sensitive; bitchy, yet likeable; damaged, yet self-aware; attractive, yet insecure—Paula possesses a variety of contradictory personality traits. This Quinnipiac University grad is a partier whose crazy, inebriated personality was dubbed "Paula Walnuts." Paula is a veteran's veteran of the "Challenge," with "The Duel 2" marking her fifth time in the game. Unfortunately for Paula, she's a four-time loser, who last time out was betrayed by her "Island" alliance at the last minute and found herself left out of the boat that won the prize. After all these tries, does she still have what it takes to compete? Or is Paula more determined than ever to take a run at finally winning a "Real World/Road Rules Challenge"?

Original Series: "The Real World: Key West"

Past RW/RR Challenges:  "The Duel," "The Duel 2," "The Inferno III," "The Gauntlet II," "The Island," "Fresh Meat 2," "Cutthroat," "Rivals"

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How old is Paula Meronek? Who is Paula Meronek dating? Find out here.

Age: 35 years old
Birthday: July 7, 1981

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Im a grandma, and I love love love Paula! she's an original! stay cool girlie, and screw those losers!
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paula is a hottie, people should leave her alone,she's all woman in my book.
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