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Theresa Caputo from "Long Island Medium" stars in the TLC reality docu-series.

Theresa Caputo was born and raised on Long Island in Hicksville, New York. She has been married to her husband Larry Caputo for 22 years and has two children, Larry Caputo and Victoria Caputo. Theresa has been a practicing medium for 10 years and is a certified medium with the Forever-Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting science with the afterlife.

Theresa describes the process of receiving
Theresa Caputo in "Long Island Medium"
Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium
information as "feeling" spirits. She sees shadows and hears voices, but the overwhelming process is the sensory feeling and presence of those wishing to get messages across. Those who have witnessed her readings will attest to her "rapid fire" style and the abundance of significant evidence and messages.

In seven short years of practicing mediumship professionally, Theresa has earned an extensive following in the New York area. With a yearlong waiting list, Theresa's clients are holding on to every glimpse of hope for a cancellation just so she can read them sooner. It doesn't matter where she is or who she is with, Theresa Caputo is likely to be helping someone through her psychic ability. She is so undeniably good at her craft that skeptics become believers and believers are in total disbelief.


Birthplace: Hicksville, NY

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terri says:
Would love to talk to Theresa, because i lost my 15 ould son in 08. An really want to make sure hes ok and what really happen to him
irene says:
My mom has just passed away Sept. 12,2011 from lung cancer. I know you have heard this so many times from so many ppl, but I really need to know if my mom is doing well, I can't sleep at night, or even eat, I miss her an awful lot. I think this will help settle my nerves down. Thank You
mary says:
how can I have a meeting with Teresa. Is there a way of contacting her?
kari says:
I need 2 find closure 4 my Mom b4 she passes. 20+yrs. ago we lost my baby bro. To date, don't no what REALLY happened. Can U help?
joe says:
Lost my dad. Do NOT want to know that he's okay, how he died, etc...I ALREADY KNOW THAT. I DO want to know..where is he?! has he met God?!?! What does God look like?!?! What is heaven like?!?! ETC...ETC..ETC...ETC

Who is Theresa Caputo dating? What do you think of Theresa Caputo?

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